Project Blue is a digital port for content and education resources for the emerging blue economy. It includes a weekly Student Contest as well as Project Blue @Home, a virtual education platform designed to provide science-based programming to students of all ages. Through Project Blue, we hope to engage students to learn and convey their views on the importance of our ocean – the ocean economy, aquaculture, conservation, and much more!

We are providing digestible, educational resources that are broadly accessible to students in grades 6-12. Project Blue @Home will have live video chats, video question-and-answer sessions, and audio lessons, hosted and taught by the best and brightest in their field.

All Project Blue materials are provided by our education staff and partners free of charge. We want to give families and teachers a resource during this chaotic time without it costing a dime.

Project Blue @Home is an informal educational experience, but we encourage you to engage with our live Q&A sessions and to share your ideas and creativity through our online portal.

The Project Blue Student Contest is a weekly creative contest for students of all ages with cash prizes. Entries can be artwork, written work, videos, songs—any creative outlet you can think of. There’s a new theme each week, with the overarching message being “How the Ocean Can Save the World.” For details on how to enter, see the Project Blue Student Contest page.

AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles is creating a world-class ocean-based campus where science, business and education come together to generate innovative solutions to the most critical global sustainability issues today: food, energy, and climate security. Altasea at the Port of Los Angeles is dedicated to accelerating scientific collaboration, advancing an emerging blue economy through business innovation and job creation, and inspiring the next generation, all for a more sustainable, just and equitable world. Built on a historic pier with access to the deep ocean, AltaSea’s campus brings people together to expand science-based understanding of the ocean; incubate and sustain ocean-related business; and pioneer new ocean-related education programs. For more information on AltaSea, please see our website.