Fictional Blog: If I had an underwater robot

By Ty J., 3rd Grade, Orchard Elementary


“If I Had an Underwater Robot, I Would Explore on the Seafloor… The USS Nimitz Tic Tac UFO and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370”

“About the USS Nimitz Tic Tac UFO incident off the coast of southern California. Off the coast of Santa Catalina island and San Clemente island, the over 100 radar contacts seen on radar of USS Princeton and the rest of the Nimitz carrier strike group.
The sightings occurred through 10 November 2004- 14 November 2004. The Princeton’s commander ordered two F/A 18 Super Hornets. The radar man aboard USS Princeton said the objects were flying at 28,000 feet, but only at 100 knots (120 mph).
He also stated that on a ship’s radar, the object went below the water and was much faster then the navy’s fastest attack submarine, traveling under the sea at 70 knots. The radarman aboard the Princeton said the object went underwater around the Catalina Island. If true, they went for a reason, but what? It is true that the island had been a CIA area, this could be why. But why did it go underwater? This is my question. Also, the UFO’s all appeared around nuclear silos and carrier’s. Also, the USS Theodore Roosevelt on the west coast of USA and in the Arabian Gulf. And the craft on the Roosevelt, the shape was a cube inside a sphere. The object at USS Nimitz dropped 28,000 feet in .78 seconds, which means it travels at 24,000 miles per hour, 30 times the speed of sound. And the radar the USS Princeton had was very advanced AN/SPY-1B radar, which is very advanced. I suggest using sidescan sonar would be good. And for a second idea, I think you should explore South 35, in the Indian Ocean, which is said to be where Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is said to be in Drain The Oceans season one, episode 10, in Prime Video on “

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