AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles is poised to become the premier site where the best of science, business, and education come together to protect the oceans for future generations, while inspiring our youth and invigorating our economy. AltaSea is fortifying Los Angeles as the hub of the Blue Economy and, as a result, will find ocean-based solutions for mankind’s most pressing challenges. We are passionate about providing the next generation of scientists, ocean explorers, educators, and entrepreneurs with the opportunities necessary to find solutions to food and climate security while also developing new technologies that will advance ocean exploration, clean energy security and protect the environment.  


Ocean-related education is a vital component in preparing all students for Ocean STEM fields and our emphasis is on building a talented, diverse and inclusive workforce. Project Blue is AltaSea’s ocean education program that includes a wide variety of learning resources and internship opportunities. The Project Blue Research Mentorship Program for high school students offers two separate opportunities, Regenerative Aquaculture or Ocean Literacy Through Journalism. Students will be expected to commit 4 hours a week for 6 weeks commencing on Monday, June 19, 2023. 


The AltaSeeds program will require students to work alongside USC mentoring graduate students in the Nuzhdin Aquaculture Lab at the AltaSea campus performing duties necessary in kelp and seaweed husbandry in relation to the mentor’s research. High school students will keep weekly notes and write a 2-page scientific review (review outline template to follow) of their experience to be submitted to AltaSea staff at the end of the summer program, July 28, 2023. 


Those students preferring a virtual program will work with AltaSea’s journalist and blogger, Emily Vidovich. High school students will learn to research and write informative Blue Ocean Economy articles. Student blogs will be published on the AltaSea website.  


Upon program completion, students following each pathway will receive 24 volunteer hours of service helping them achieve an optimal college application packet. 


2022 Student Paper

The Use of Algae (Ulva Lactuca) to Reduce CO2 in the Atmosphere

Focus: Regenerative Aquaculture

Student Author: Shirzad Sheybani

Grade Level: Junior

Mentors: Dr. Sergey Nuzhdin at the USC /Nuzhdin Seaweed Lab

This paper won the NOAA’s 2023 Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award!

2022 Student Paper

The effect kelp, bivalves, and sea urchins have on coastal restoration.

Focus: Regenerative Aquaculture

Student Authors: Rayleen DeHonor and Ivy Lee

Grade Level: Sophmore

Mentors: Jordan Chancellor and Dr. Nina Noujdina at the USC /Nuzhdin Seaweed Lab