AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles is poised to become the premier site where the best of science, business, and education come together to protect the oceans for future generations, while inspiring our youth and invigorating our economy. AltaSea is fortifying Los Angeles as the hub of the Blue Economy and, as a result, will find ocean-based solutions for mankind’s most pressing challenges. We are passionate about providing the next generation of scientists, ocean explorers, educators, and entrepreneurs with the opportunities necessary to find solutions to food and climate security while also developing new technologies that will advance ocean exploration, clean energy security and protect the environment.

Ocean-related education is a vital component in preparing all students for Ocean STEM fields and our emphasis is on building a talented, diverse and inclusive workforce. Project Blue is AltaSea’s Ocean STEM program that includes a wide variety of learning resources and internship opportunities. The Project Blue virtual Research Mentorship Program for high school students will focus on Sustainable Aquaculture and Ocean Energy solutions. Upon completion, students will receive 20 volunteer hours of service helping them achieve an optimal college application packet.

The students will be expected to develop a research project analyzing a mutually agreed upon Ocean STEM topic. They will work closely with an AltaSea staff member and with dedicated scientific mentors over the duration. Students will fulfill the program by writing a scientific research paper representing their evaluation of the chosen topic. This paper will be published on AltaSea’s Project Blue education website https://altasea-project-blue.org/ and will be made available as a research resource for other students interested in marine science.

2021 Student Papers


A Comparative Analysis of the Sustainability of Monoculture and Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture (IMTA) Systems

Focus: Aquaculture

Student Author: Taylor Woetzel

Grade Level: Senior

Mentor: Nathan Churches Ph.D. Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer, Holdfast Aquaculture