How the Ocean Can Save the World

The ocean can save the world. How? You may ask. Well here are some facts for you. 1. The ocean constructs over half of the earth’s oxygen. Another reason, 2. Our ocean absorbs 50 times more CO2   (or carbon dioxide) than the earth’s atmosphere! Now isn’t that interesting. 3. You know the ocean even helps with climate regulation. While covering 70 percent of the earth, the ocean transfers the heat from the equator to the poles controlling climate and weather changes. Although at this point you might be thinking well it’s not that bad, it really is, and remember it doesn’t take science to tell that the ocean gives us food. All the fish, shellfish, oysters, and other things like that. Well let’s get back to the point, The ocean helps us with so many more things than we think, so why not help and take care of it with these facts you now know. Always remember by saving the ocean, we save the human race and all living things on the planet. So as far as you can see, the ocean helps us with so many more things than we think. So then that brings me to a problem we have. Although we know that our Ocean helps us with many important things, we don’t take care of it as much as we should. Because you might think “Oh, it’s just trash”, and other things like that, then we might end up with a really junked up ocean and not be able to live properly and all die eventually. So this is also another reason we should take care of our ocean because, we’re not just hurting the animals, we’re hurting ourselves as well. So by saving the ocean, the ocean saves us!

By: Emma Caballero

Advisory teacher: Mr.Boysen 6th grade history

School: Dana middle school

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