Video Chat with Briana Fodor

“White Abalone Restoration Project Aquarium of the Pacific”

Friday, December 11 at 12:00pm

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Briana Fodor is a Senior Aquarist at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA.  Briana received her Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology from UCLA.  As a college student, she received her AAUS Scientific SCUBA diving certification and began assisting with underwater field research, further solidifying her love for the ocean and desire to help protect the underwater environment and animals.

Briana started her aquarium career as an aquarist intern at Aquarium of the Pacific in 2009 and has worked there ever since.  Over the years she has spent time working with tropical pacific corals and fish, but currently is working primarily with local Southern California species of marine animals.

In early 2020 Briana became the lead aquarist on the abalone program at Aquarium of the Pacific.  This is a partnership between a few California aquariums, the UC Davis Bodega Marine Lab, NOAA, and Fish and Wildlife.  The ultimate goal of this program is to restore wild population numbers of the White Abalone, a critically endangered species found off of the California coast.  Briana looks forward to spending more time with this program and the coming years and further helping to increase wild abalone populations.