Take A Deep Breathe, The Oceans Got You

Take a Deep Breathe, The Oceans Got You


Boundless commotion morning and night

Water brushing upon the soft sand, yes even when no one is looking

There it lies, glistening under the moon displays constant movement

230,000 known species use this place as a home

None of them speak

No need for language to notice your strategies


Using balance as your lead moral

There is no hesitation to enforce the equilibrium of the world. For everything has its limits

There it lies so powerful, so peaceful

Species know of your cruelty,

You are not biased

But there is no need for favoritism when you are lead by what’s right


We won’t deny your devotion

We know you’re in this for the long run

There it lies, still here

After years of pollution, you alter your ways to stay

You know your worth and what would happen if you left

You know that our fate is in your hands


You are leading much more than sea life

70% of our air is produced by what is in you

There it lies, reliable and necessary

We create economic advancements with trade, using your amenities

Create goods with your assistance

Even eat the animals that thrive in you


Yet you are still such a mystery

We have only discovered 5 percent of the ocean

There it lies, with so much more than what meets the eye

You are 71 percent of the world

By continuing to run you are saving this planet

Your impact is clear to anyone who is looking


You are a mother of our planet

The holder of knowledge

There it lies centuries of hidden knowledge

Generations of history buried in your ocean floor

There is a lot of talk about saving you, but you might just save us

You are the home we all didn’t know we were looking for


The night we speak poorly about our ocean

Is the night we will miss its elaborate strategies

The night we will long being near its movement

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