The Adventures of Captain Alga- (WINNER!)

The Adventures of Captain Alga
Scientists believe they may have found an alga that eats plastic. This is very helpful because it can save injured sea animals from dying and eventually somebody can be fed from this animal. This is great for aqua farming. This is the story of the adventures of Captain Algae.
At the start, when Captain Algae was just a little alga, scientists dropped him into the ocean. He knew he had a big job… to save the sea animals, and eat his favorite thing, plastic.
His first adventure was with a fish. The fish was stuck in a plastic ring from a soda can. Captain Alga heard the poor fish cry. Immediately, he bolted through the water like a plane on a runway. The painful calls got worse but he got there just in time. He chewed through the plastic in a blink of an eye. The fish was so thankful that Captain Alga helped him. He had just saved the little fish’s life.
Captain was swimming around when he saw a shimmer in a cave. He was curious, so he waddled in. As he went in the cave, he heard rocks crumbling on the floor. Then, as rocks fell, he heard a screech of pain. After that Captain Alga was blocked from getting to the injured sea animal. He knew it would take too long to take each and every rock down, so he started rapidly digging. At last Alga saw a crab with rocks on his body and a plastic cup on one of his pinchers. The crab was claustrophobic, which meant he hated being stuck in small places. So, the first thing that Captain Alga did was to make sure he was calm. Once he did that Captain started taking the rocks off as fast as he could. Then, he bit through the tough plastic. At last the crab was free and had a huge smile on his face. Once the crab was free, Captain Alga knew that (a bad guy) Pelagic Plastic was planning something big.
One day when Captain Alga was swimming around, he saw an angelfish, which he found weird because they normally live in the deep ocean. The angelfish came rushing over to Captain Alga in a hurry. She said that a shark was in trouble and had a straw in its eye. When the angelfish said that, Captain knew it was Pelagic Plastic. Captain Alga raced over to the shark. As he was swimming, he realized that couldn’t take the straw out without being attacked by the shark. So, Captain Alga began thinking, the shark can’t see because of the straw so he would make him think he could see. He could go in a disguise, so he put on a mask that made it look like he had a shark snout. Because of the disguise he knew that the shark wouldn’t try to hurt one of his own kind. He started talking to the shark about his long tail, and his sharp teeth, then immediately pulled Pelagic Plastic out. He didn’t really know what to do with Pelagic Plastic, but then all of a sudden, he had an idea. He swam to the surface of the ocean and threw him right on the tippy top of the pile of trash at the trash center, right where he belonged. A while later Pelagic Plastic realized that there was no point in hurting innocent animals. So, he decided to join Captain Alga. Sometimes you can see a glimpse of Captain Alga and the sea-through sidekick (Pelagic Plastic) racing through the water to save an animal in need.


By Riley V. & Mila J.

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