The Protector of the Sea

By Riley V. & Mila J., 4th grade, Mira Catalina Elementary School

Once there was a whale that was unlike all of the other sea creatures. He was different. This amazing whale is named Wilbur. This is the story of The Protector of the Sea.
Wilbur would play with his friends as a little whale and do something odd his friends would say. Wilbur could control water with just a flick of his fin. However, Wilbur did not know what he could do was out of the ordinary, he thought there was another whale or animal out there that could do what he did. He all so did not know that while he did this, he was creating energy. As he grew up, he realized that he wasn’t like other whales. He had amazing strength and surprising speed.
As he grew older, he had his first mission. Though he didn’t know that some animals didn’t like what he did and wanted his power for themselves. It was 11:00 at night and Wilbur swam to the surface of the ocean. “Easy just raise the waves in and out, actually up and down.” he thought. He was about to make a large wave bust as he was doing this a colossal shark wacked him in the stomach with his huge tail. He hesitated as he stared at his evil grin, grinding his teeth together. He did not know what to do. Then he laughed. He had completely forgot who he was! He was a superhero! He had super strength, to him the shark was just an animal in the way. So, he hit him right back with his tail and sent him to depths of the sea. It should take him weeks to return to the shallow waters. He made a humongous wave and created handfuls of energy. The movement of the waves seemed to dance gracefully in a way. He knew his job was to create energy for the whole world. But he also knew that it was odd that the shark knew where he was and the exact time, he was there…
It was the next week and it was almost time to raise the waves. Once again, he was swimming up to the surface. He felt something poke his stomach. It barely harmed him but if it kept going, he would not be able to stand the slight burns. He looked to see a crab pinching at his side. He couldn’t stand the stings. He was about to give up when an urge of strength came to him. He stood still then started spinning around causing a current to form around him. The crab got sucked in then was wacked back out with Wilbur’s strong fin.
Once again Wilbur rose to the top and then was attacked. But his eyes were wide with shock when he saw who it was. It wasn’t a crab of a shark, but his friend. His friend his closest whale friend was now evil. He had a scar over his eye and he was the one leading the others to attack him. It was him all along. He could not hurt his best friend, even if they were not friends anymore. He was still much stronger than him though. His friend was jealous of him. “I am sorry he mumbled” then pushed his old friend against a piece of coral and tied him to it with kelp. He watched as Wilbur rose the wave. He was making the biggest wave of his life. The wave continued to rise crackling with energy. Wilbur made a wave with so much power it continued to rise and Wilbur’s eyes where glowing with power and strength. He let the wave float and crash against the shore. His friend pleaded for forgiveness realizing what he had done to hurt Wilbur was terrible. It was as if he was being snapped out of a trance. Wilbur helps the ocean today and fights off evil animals for he is the Protector of The Sea.

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