Mayor Garcetti Champions AltaSea at Gensler

Stop Sucking
(Vipe Desai, CEO of HDX Hydration Mix, AltaSea Campaign Ambassador and Ocean Champion Board Member)

Mission to Educate

Innovation District

Kids Talk Ocean (LA 2050)

Ocean Economy Press Conference


Sailing a Junk Raft to Hawaii to Spotlight Pollution
(Dr. Marcus Eriksen)

Reducing CO2 to Save the Ocean
(Dr. Geraldine Knatz)

Researching Marine Biodiversity in Los Angeles
(Marine Biodiversity Scientists Regina Wetzer and Dean Pentcheff)

How Business Can Help Clean the Ocean
(Bob McKnight, Founder of Quiksilver)

Business Solutions to Save the Ocean
(Ann Carpenter, Braid Theory)

Getting Into Exploring the Ocean
(Dr. Robert Ballard)