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The Sea Around Us by Emily Vidovich

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In response to the global pandemic, and as a way to provide science curriculum for all students and adults staying safe at home, AltaSea launched Project Blue. Through live chats, webinars, and ocean science curriculum, we have provided a resource that gives the next generation a window into the Blue Economy’s science and innovations. We are proud to have reached over 10,000 people this summer.

One such resource is Here’s the Blue Deal.  With contributions from subject-experts to business leaders to college students aspiring to make positive change, this series covers the Blue economy, the history of the ocean economy, and the future of economic sustainability.  Together, these blogs tell the story of the Blue Economy’s potential in Los Angeles.  It’s a story we are pleased to share with you.

Here’s the Blue Deal E-Book FinalWe hope you enjoy this collection.

Timothy B. McOsker

Chief Executive Officer

Jenny Krusoe

Founding Executive Director

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