5 Steps you can take to give back to our planet

Maya H. 8th Girls Academic Leadership Academy Saving the ocean is a colossal job; a job so large, complex, and difficult that unfortunately, it can’t be accomplished with just a flick of the hand. While the damage we have done to our Earth and ocean is beyond severe, and while we can’t single-handedly change that, […]

Let The World Breathe

Let the World Breathe All we do is take We don’t realize our home needs a break My home is well kept, cleaned and raked But our home Our earth Is far from neat Our earth needs a spa day it should be squeaky clean But instead of cleaning up Our home is tearing at […]

Ways You Can Help Save the Ocean!

Ways You Can Help Save the Ocean! Shenaya Y. 10th grade Peninsula High School To survive and prosper, we depend on the ocean. Since the ocean is the largest ecosystem on Earth, it supports our planet’s life as oceans hold 97% of the planet’s water. Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is absorbed by oceans which […]