Milad E., 7th grade, Dana Middle School

      There are multiple ways of creating energy through the ocean. The option of making energy that I developed using SketchUp was underwater turbines. They could be placed on isolated coasts and would have a sea-wall. The sea-wall would have small holes so animals won’t swim into it and get shredded.The underwater windmill […]

Maya H., 8th grade, Girls Academic Leadership Academy

When you think of energy, your mind might jump to a picture of a lab, or scientists working with chemicals. Maybe, and, let’s be honest, more likely, you have absolutely no clue what to think of. Energy is something we use in our day to day life so constantly, from the first time we flip […]

Grace A. 4th grade

If I had an aquafarm, I would farm lily pads in beautiful reflective ponds. Lily Pads are very beautiful and peaceful. I think they would make people feel calmer when they are stressed. When I visited Echo Park, we went boating in paddle boats in the lake there and they had a lot of lily […]